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Viaro Energy Corporate Presentation
Confidentiality Agreement
Consent Letter - 2.7 Announcement - Hannam & Partners
Consent Letter - 2.7 Announcement - Lambert Energy
2.7 Announcement
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Giles Fitzpatrick
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Andrew Chubb
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - James Ward
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Rupert Fane
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Ian Charles Hannam
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - Andrew Austin
Senior Manager Irrevocable Undertaking - Peter Mann
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - Richard Bemnore
Senior Manager Irrevocable Undertaking - Richard Slape
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - John Morrow
Facility Agreement Al Nahyan
Facility Agreement Al Nehayan
Investor Irrevocable Undertaking - Steve Pawson
Further Irrevocable Undertaking Announcement
Irrevocable Correction Announcement
OPD announcement released by Viaro Energy Limited
OPD announcement released by Rock Rose plc
Scheme document
Forms of Proxy
Consent Letter - Scheme Document - Lambert Energy
Consent Letter - Rule 15 Letter - Lambert Energy
Current RockRose Energy plc Articles of Association
Proposed Amended RockRose Energy plc Articles of Association
2018 Annual Report - RockRose Energy plc
2019 Annual Report - RockRose Energy plc
Service Agreement - Andrew Austin
Director Letter of Appointment - John Morrow
Director Letter of Appointment - Richard Benmore
Rule 15 Letter Example
Viaro Energy Limited - Memorandum and Articles of Association
Consent letter - Scheme Document - Hannam & Partners
Publication and Posting of Scheme Document Announcement

Publication and Posting of Rule 15 Proposals Announcement