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Viaro Energy Corporate Presentation
Confidentiality Agreement
Consent Letter - 2.7 Announcement - Hannam & Partners
Consent Letter - 2.7 Announcement - Lambert Energy
2.7 Announcement
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Giles Fitzpatrick
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Andrew Chubb
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - James Ward
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Rupert Fane
Investor Irrevocable undertaking - Ian Charles Hannam
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - Andrew Austin
Senior Manager Irrevocable Undertaking - Peter Mann
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - Richard Bemnore
Senior Manager Irrevocable Undertaking - Richard Slape
Director Irrevocable Undertaking - John Morrow
Facility Agreement Al Nahyan
Facility Agreement Al Nehayan
Investor Irrevocable Undertaking - Steve Pawson
Further Irrevocable Undertaking Announcement
Irrevocable Correction Announcement
OPD announcement released by Viaro Energy Limited
OPD announcement released by Rock Rose plc
Scheme document
Forms of Proxy
Consent Letter - Scheme Document - Lambert Energy
Consent Letter - Rule 15 Letter - Lambert Energy
Current RockRose Energy plc Articles of Association
Proposed Amended RockRose Energy plc Articles of Association
2018 Annual Report - RockRose Energy plc
2019 Annual Report - RockRose Energy plc
Service Agreement - Andrew Austin
Director Letter of Appointment - John Morrow
Director Letter of Appointment - Richard Benmore
Rule 15 Letter Example
Viaro Energy Limited - Memorandum and Articles of Association
Consent letter - Scheme Document - Hannam & Partners
Publication and Posting of Scheme Document Announcement

Publication and Posting of Rule 15 Proposals Announcement

Results of Court Meeting and General Meeting
Letter of Amendment Facility Agreement Al Nahyan
Amendment to Facility Agreement Announcement Al Nahyan
Court Sanction of Scheme Arrangement
Scheme Effective Announcement