Francesco, thank you for taking part in the first of our executive interview series for 2023. It is a pleasure to also have you join the advisory board of the World Energy Capital Assembly.
It’s obviously been an exciting and successful couple of years at Viaro Energy to say the least – at a time when a lot of companies in the gas exploration and production sector were struggling to stay afloat, you made what some would call a rather risky move by making two substantial acquisitions within a single year. Can you tell us how you were able to recognize these opportunities and about your risk appetite in general?

First of all, thank you for inviting me to take part in the executive interview series, it is my pleasure to be a part of your network. As for your question, I do acknowledge that the recent acquisitions make me come across as something of a gambler, but the fact is that I am quite the opposite. I believe that in order to see a path forward, be a true visionary, one must first reflect back on what others before us have learned, either through failure or success, and analyze what got them there.